Clean, purified air is a rate commodity, and often in short supply where it is needed the most- in hospitals and clean room systems, industrial plants where ventilation must ensure air free from impure particles like man-made fibre manufacturing units, pharmaceutical laboratories, spray booths for cars, even thermal and nuclear power stations.

In order to maintain a pure environment, only the highest quality of filtration methods are a necessity. CLEAN FILTER INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. combines the expertise of over adecode and a half to deliver and install a wide range of air filtration unit meeting the critical needs in various sectors of application.

With two manufacturing unit based in kolkata using proven technology and the knowhow of filter plant installation projects for many private as well as public sector undertakings, we are geared to supply you efficient filtration products to match all your expectations. Our team of experienced personnel who have worked on many prestigious products to the entire satisfaction of our clients, with the backing of our adequate infrastructure, can take on any commissioned job of erection onsite smoothly.

Our products are widely used in the man-made fibre industry, thermal and nuclear plants, fertilizer plants, cement manufacturing units, pharmaceutical laboratories, etc. In fact, our organizations figures in the approved lists of various industrial consultants such as USDE INDIA LTD. MUMBAI, DEVELOPMENTS CONSULTANTS ( DCL ), DASTURCO, EIL, MECONand EPIL for their various projects.

This is owing to the fact that our manufactured products maintain a consistent high level of efficiency which is assured by strict quality control at every stage of production. We have set up test rigs as per international testing standards for air-conditioning and ventilation system laid down in BS. 2831/6540, EN-779 and ASHRAE 52.1 for conducting Pressure Drop Vs Flow rate and filtration efficiency of filters at our manufacturing units. We also haveDOP smoke generator and laser-based particle counter for conducting particles retention efficiency as per US FEDERAL STANDARD 209E both at our manufacturing units as well as at project sites.

Our wide range of air filters for industrial ventilation systems includes DRY ROLL-O-BAND FILTER the first stage filter in direct contact with the atmospheric air retain upto 10 microns of particles with an efficiency of 90%-95%, AUTOMATIC VISCOUS AIR FILTER , a viscous alternative of the first stage filtration, the PANEL FILTER , the second stage filter which retains upto 3-5 microns of dust particles with an efficiency of 95%-98%, BAG FILTER , the third stage 1-micron filter with 99% efficiency, and finally, the HEPA (ABSOLUTE) type filter equipped with imported glass fibre paper as its media and retaining upto 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency for Clean Room Applications, used in pharmaceutical units and fibre units.

We also manufacture specially designed complete “CHARGE FILTER” for D.G. set ventilation and DUST COLLECTOR BAGS used at cement plants.