Air Ventilation Systems

Bag Filter Unit

10our bag filters are compact, self-cleaning, continuous duty dust collection system that economically meets the need of most industrial application. The advanced system utilizes pulse jet cleaning, that effectively dislodges the captured dust from then bags and cleans the filter while the systems stays on line. With minimal pressure drop, our bag filters maintain 99.9% filtration efficiency. With versatile construction & selection from a variety of filter media, we can meet any manufacturing dust collection application such as food processing, wood working, molding, grinding, polishing, rock / stone / glass operations, secondary smelting, pharmaceuticals, metal working, etc.


Axial Flow Fan

Our axial fans are of high efficiency design resulting in power saving. We offer a variety of axial fans such as tube axial type with motor mount, medium and large axial type with pedestal foot mount having independent shaft & bearings, direct / pulley belt driven. We offer aerofoil cast blades for clean gas application / plate bladed design for dusty gas. The blades are of fixed or variable pitch adjustment depending on the application.

Centrifugal Fans

Our Centrifugal Fans have High Volume, Low Pressure . We have in our range SISW and DIDW with flow upto 1,00,000 CMH widely used for ventilation, pressurization, Drying applications etc.The manufacturing range upto 100HP motor fan.Various material of construction like MS/ SS / PP FRP / FRP etc.

Features of Centrifugal Fans are:

  • Capacity from 50 CFM to 3,50,000 CFM
  • Wg. pressure capacity from 0.25 to 52
  • Can be used up to 600 degree centigrade temp
  • Quiet operational
  • Optimum functionality
  • Available in modern design