CFI 5 Ply H.D.P. Panel Filter


CFI 5 Ply HDP Panel Filter is used in air conditioning, compressor air intake and general ventilation as a pre-filter to bag filter.


CFI 5 Ply HDP Panel Filter is made of 5 layers of washable type high density Polyethelene media, stiched together in a deep crimped formation to provide maximum filteraton area. The media is separated by G.I. spacers and is backed by expanded metal on one side. Finally, It is fitted in G.I. filter frame.


sz-5The size of this filter is generally 610 x 610 x 150 mm in both Cassette (Box) type and Fanged type, but it can be made in any other size according to the requirement of the system.

Technical Data

Recomended Air Velocity : 2.5 m/sec.
Initial Pressure Drop : 6.5 mm Wg.
Final Pressure Drop : 14 mm Wg.
(When Filter needs Cleaning)

Average Synthetic Dust Wt. Arrestance : 85%
As per BS. EN. 779 & ASHRAE 52.1 .

Average Atmospheric Dust Efficiency (Micronic) :
45% Using Laser-based Particle Counter