CFI Pocket Bag Filter


CFI Pocket Bag Filters are designed for air conditioning and general ventilation application. Typical users are hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, power stations and industries which require very high efficiency of filteration.


CFI Pocket Bag Filters are constructed from three distinctive filter media each fulfilling a specific duty. The first stage is a glass fibre which acts as a pre-filter and at the same time gives a large dust holding capacity for a longer life. The second stage is a super fine filter media which captures dust particles as low as 1 microns and finally there is a cerex backing which prevents fibre migration. The bags are finally fitted in metallic.



The bags are fitted in header frames generally of the size 600 x 600 mm(4 pockets) and 600 x 300 mm(2 pockets). The bags come in 5 different lengths: 380, 550, 635, 750, 900 mm.

Technical Data

Recomended Air Velocity : 1.2 m/sec. to 2 m/sec.
Initial Pressure Drop : 10 – 12 mm Wg.
Final Pressure Drop : 20 – 25 mm Wg.
(When Filter needs Cleaning)

Average Synthetic Dust Wt. Arrestance : 98% – 99%
As per BS. EN. 779 & ASHRAE 52.1 .

Average Atmospheric Dust Efficiency (Micronic) :
95% – 98% Using Laser-based Particle Counter