CFI Rollo-Band Filter


CFI Rollo-Band Filter is used in air-conditioning and ventilation systems where excellent level of filtration is required. The air going into air-conditioning units and processed air is purified through this filter. Also used as pre-filter in Pharmaceutical and synthetic fibre industries, steel and fertilizer plants and nuclear plants.


CFI Rollo-band filter is made of fibre glass/polyester media treated with special thi-oxy-tropic gel resin and fitted in a steel frame. The units has a pressure switch, which automatically activates and rolls down the media when the differential pressure increases. Limit switch and hooters are provided to indicate the end of media. A fractional horse powered geared motor with very low RPM dives the unit.


sz-1CFI Rollo-Band Filters are available in wide range of sizes. Capacities and efficiency rating as per the system requirement.

Technical Data

Recomended Air Velocity : 2 m/sec.
initial Presure Drop : 8-12 mm Wg.
Final Pressure Drop : 45-50 mm Wg.

Average Synthetic Dust Wt. Arrestance : 90-95%
As per BS. EN. 779 & Ashrae 52.1
Average Atmospheric Dust Efficiency ( Micronic ) : 45 % to 80 %
using Laser-based Particle Counter